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***UPDATED 03.06.12***

Everyone must probably have their own collection. Mine grew as I traveled around during the past 3 years. I chose to collect Starbucks City Tumblers because they were usable, at the same time they can be good souvenirs. So, everyone, meet my growing tumbler collection…🙂

Sbux City Tumblers

My Starbucks City Tumblers Collection


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As usual, the first month of the new year has already passed and it’s only now that I’m posting a recap of the past year. Blame it on my recovering social life, but more on my laziness. Hopefully now that I’m already a bum (yes, I have quit my almost-7-year-job) I can blog more.🙂

So looking back at 2011, I was able to list down the top 11 grateful moments that stood out and made last year memorable.🙂


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